300W LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants 2 Pack, Full Spectrum Plant Light with UV IR, Adjustable Floodlight Hydroponic Growing Lamps with Rope Hanger for Flower Veg and Fruit Planting(UK Plug)

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FULL SPECTRUM】This upgraded grow light is designed with full spectrum (46Red + 11Blue + 2UV + 2IR+ 11White), similar to the natural light, offering perfect wavelengths for plants at all growing stages from seedling, germination to vegetative and flowering.

GROW FASTER & MORE OUTPUT】Olafus LED grow light will produce Red, Blue, IR, UV light for plants. Blue light can promote the growth of plant roots and stems. Red light can promote plants to grow faster.

EFFICIENT COOLING & NO NOISE】Die-cast aluminum material makes the grow light easy for heat release. The grow light works extremely quietly with no noise.

EASY INSTALLATION&FLEXIBLE】 This plant light could be easily installed like a floodlight, and the irradiation angle is adjustable. We also provide you metal ropes and hooks to hang the grow light upon your plants.

ENERGY SAVING & LONG LIFESPAN】This grow lamp can replace traditional 300 watts HPS/MH while consumes only 60 watts and the lifespan is more than 50,000H.

Olafus provides 5-year product quality service, please order with confidence.

Using Instruction

  • This plant light can be used for vegetables, fruits, flowers from seed to harvest.
  • Germination Stage: 8-12 Hours / Hanging at 45-35 cm
  • Seedling Stage: 12-14 Hours / Hanging at 35 cm
  • Veg Stage: 14-16 Hours / Hanging at 35-25 cm
  • Flowering/Fruiting Stage: 14-18 Hours / Hanging at 10 cm