30W Bluetooth RGBW Flood Lights 2 Pack

  • APP Bluetooth Control & Remote Control: Two control methods are optional
  • RGB & WW Colors: LED flood light is designed with 16 million dimmable color gamut
  • Color Change Synch to Music: Our Smart led flood light change colors with music melody or surrounding sound
  • Eye Protection: Suitable for video taking or photo shooting. Stage flood will not cause strobe to phone
  • IP66 Waterproof: IP66 weather proof, ensure light work properly no matter in rain, snow, heat or cold environment
Bluetooth flood light
30w smart floodlight

How to control 8 products via a mobile phone?


  • Download the provided application (Read the manual).
  • Through the APP, the ios system controls up to 8 lights, and the Android system controls up to 4 lights at the same time.
  • Also, 10w and 30w lights can be controlled at the same time, as long as the products are of the same serie.
  • These floor lights play the same color and mode, or different colors as you like.


Widely Used: festival, holiday(Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween), party, weeding, garden, patio, BBQ, veranda, bedroom, living room...