Halloween Customs You May Know

On Halloween🎃, many people dress up in spooky costumes and hold carnival parties everywhere. On the eve of Halloween, October 31 is the annual harvest festival of the Celtic people, symbolizing the end of one year and the beginning of a new one.

So this is the day of the year when the Celts show their respect to the Sun God for giving them a bumper crop of grain for the coming winter! But on this one night is also the day when the evil spirits are at their most powerful. Legend has it that every year on this day, all the laws of time and space fail, making the yin and yang merge into one.

Therefore, this is the only chance for the wandering spirits to come out and find a scapegoat. In the frightening moment of the night of October 31, the living Celtic people will be in order to avoid the search of the soul, in this day party to put out the fire at home, to create a cold and gloomy environment, and deliberately use animal heads or fur made of costumes to dress themselves into the appearance of ghosts and monsters, the mouth issued a terrible sound, trying to scare away the soul also let the soul can not distinguish who is alive, and not be able to find a double; after this After this night, the next day is Halloween, and everything will return to calm.

Why are there witches, ghosts and bonfires? -It is written in ancient Greek mythology that on the night of the beginning of autumn, their great god of death, the shaman, would call all the ghosts of the people who died that year, and the evil spirits would be punished by being reborn as animals. Just like the New Year why firecrackers, is to scare away the beasts of the year. And why there will be Halloween bonfire party, at first is to scare away these shaman to find the ghosts, but also to guide the ghosts to return.

Halloween game Trick or treat

The custom of trick-or-treating originated from the pagan belief that ghosts would cause trouble for the living during their annual visit to earth. In order to protect themselves from evil spirits, people dress up in costumes that look like ghosts and prepare bread, eggs, apples and other foods as offerings for good luck. People wear masks and ghostly clothes that confuse the spirits and go from house to house to collect offerings. The generous people light up the lights and receive good wishes, but the stingy ones are threatened.

The goblins and demons in face makeup and strange costumes dance around, and Halloween costumes, with 10,000,000 faces, are not just monotonous big ghosts and little kids. The production of the simplest ghost costume on a white sheet on top of the head, gouge two holes to stay out of the eyes; if you want to play the magician, wear black clothes and black pants, then wear a black bowler hat, and between the bowler hat and the top of the head to hide a fluffy bunny spare; children dressed in white clothes and white pants, and then tied a flashlight on the back in the head dressed as a little angel; there are also parents dressed up as their children's favorite cartoon image

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