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Color-changing RGB lights are made up of red, green and blue LED wicks, which can emit a single color of red, green and blue alone, or they can be combined into other different colors, all adding up to over 1.6 million colors. Those cool multi-color lights you see reflecting off people's houses, whether it's a party, or holiday lighting for Halloween and Christmas, some of these are different colors of light. It can also be used as an ambient light to illuminate your backyard. Now you can get feature-rich RGB floodlights or RGB strips at an affordable price from Olafus. You can dress up your home space as you like, giving you a different color feeling. Choose best RGB lights here!

Multi Color Flood Lights to Dazzle Your Event with Color

Come and decorate your valentine's day, yard, room, party, opening ceremony, halloween, christmas, new year stage with this RGB color changing light.

High Quality LED Beads: Olafus RGB Floodlight utilizes high-quality LED beads that emit a bright, even glow to illuminate large areas. With high lumens, it will illuminate your outdoor space even on dark nights.

Energy Efficient Design: The RGB floodlight features an energy efficient design, which is 80% less energy than traditional bulbs. 

16 Million Colors: Olafus RGB floodlight emits 16 million colors that can be adjusted to suit your needs. You can use Olafus RGB floodlights to create a variety of atmospheres, such as romantic, cozy, lively, exciting and more.

Easy to install: Olafus RGB floodlights are easy to install, simply connect them to the power supply. Perfect for holiday party lovers, home decoration enthusiasts for colorful dress up, such as Halloween, Christmas, birthdays and so on.

Long Lifespan: The Olafus RGB floodlight lasts up to 20 times longer than traditional bulbs, saving you money on bulb replacements.

Durable & Waterproof: Olafus RGB flood lights are IP66 waterproof, suitable for all kinds of outdoor environments. stage, yard, patio, garden, landscape, tree, etc.

Remote & Bluetooth APP Control: In addition to the regular remote control products, which smart products can use cell phones or tablets to come up to control the brightness, color, mode of the light, etc., can meet your various needs.

Music Synchronization: Some of these smart products support the music synchronization function, which can automatically change the color according to the rhythm and tone of the music.

FAQs of RGB Flood Light

Ideal for your outdoor lighting, the Olafus best RGB floodlight adds color to your life and creates a colorful world. Here are frequently asked questions about RGB flood lights: 

What Is RGB Flood Light?

An RGB floodlight is a floodlight that emits three basic colors: red, green and blue. By mixing these three basic colors, a variety of colors can be produced, so RGB floodlights are also known as multi color flood lights or color changing lights.

What Are the Characteristics of RGB Floodlights?

RGB flood light has 3 main features: 

1.A variety of rich colors, which can create various atmospheres. 

2.A variety of lighting effects, such as flashing, flowing, fading, etc. 

3.And a wide range of applications for a variety of scenes.

What Are the Application Scenarios for RGB Flood Lights?

Outdoor lighting: It can be used to illuminate outdoor areas such as courtyards, gardens, parking lots, buildings, etc.

Stage lighting: It can be used to illuminate the stage and create dramatic lighting effects, such as dj, bar, church stage, etc.

Event lighting: It can be used to illuminate event sites such as parties, concerts and guitar center.

Decorative lighting: It can be used to decorate buildings, sculptures and other objects. Achievement of wall washing effect

Indoor lighting: It can be used to light up residential, such as living room, bedroom, tv wall, kitchen & dinning room, etc.

What Are the Maintenance Methods for RGB Floodlights?

Clean the housing of the RGB floodlight regularly to prevent dust accumulation. And avoid exposing the RGB floodlight to humidity.

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Choose Best Colorful RGB Flood Light from Olafus

Whether it's outdoor or indoor, or other landscaping, party decorations, Olafus RGB floodlights are ideal for adding color to your life and creating a colorful world. Welcome to Olafus and enhance your outdoor lighting experience.

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