LED Strip Lights

Ideal for your home and living space, Olafus' LED strip lights offer the perfect solution for a variety of application scenarios. Whether it's next to the vanity mirror, under the kitchen cabinets, above the bed in the bedroom, on the stairs, or on the TV wall in the living room, our LED light strips have you covered. We offer a variety of color temperature options, including cool white and warm white, and our flexible and high-quality design allows for easy installation in outdoor environments such as patios, decks, and campers. The low voltage 12V option ensures safety and comes with a dimmer function that allows you to adjust the brightness as you wish. Our products are suitable for indoors such as hallways, ceilings, display cases and more, as well as for garages, RVs and more. Choose Olafus Life's LED strip lights and enjoy the brightest, most energy-efficient and stylish lighting experience!

  • Daylight White
  • Warm White
  • Fairy Lights

Energy Efficient and Super Bright Experience

Whether you need to illuminate your home, commercial space, office, tv wall, dinner table or kitchen, Olafus' LED strip lights are the smart choice.

High Brightness: Olafus LED strip lights use high brightness LED chips to provide even and bright lighting effects, whether it is used for make-up, reading or decoration. It gives your space a unique glow and creates a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Dimmable Design: Equipped with intelligent dimmer function, you can easily adjust the brightness of the strip to meet the needs of different occasions. From soft background lighting to bright work lighting, you can enjoy the diverse experience of different brightness with just one click.

Safety Design: LED light strips are designed with 12V low voltage to ensure safety during use. Meanwhile, the product passes strict quality testing and has anti-overheating and anti-short-circuit functions, which protects the safety of you and your family.

Durable Design: Made with high quality materials and advanced technology, the LED strip lights have a long life span of over 30,000 hours. Whether in indoor or outdoor environments, it can operate long-lastingly and stably, reducing the frequency of replacement and saving maintenance costs.

High Flexible: Olafus LED strip lights are highly flexible, you can bend, cut and install them freely according to your needs. Whether it's a complex corner or a curved shape, it can easily cope with it and perfectly fit your creativity and design.

Easy to Install: With high quality 3M tape, which can be easily fixed on any flat surface by simply removing the adhesive backing. No complicated tools or specialized skills are needed to complete the installation, making your decoration simple and enjoyable.

FAQs of LED Strip Light

Olafus offers many types of best LED strip lights, warm white, cool white, also the mini colorful faity lights. Here are frequently asked questions about LED strip lights: 

Can I Cut LED Strip Lights?

LED strips can be cut to suit your needs. There are usually clear cut points on the LED strip that you can follow with scissors or a special cutting tool. This allows you to cut the LED strip to the desired length to ensure a perfect fit for your decorative space.

Where to Cut LED Light Strips?

First find the markings on the strip labeled “Cut”, these markings are usually a distance apart from each cut point. Once you have found the marks, use a ruler or scale to measure the length you need and make sure to cut at the marked locations to ensure that you get the cut endpoints exactly right and that you don't damage the LED beads.

How to Install LED Strip Lights?

First clean the mounting surface and make sure it is dry and flat. Then, gently adhere the LED strip to your desired location, making sure the back of the strip fits the surface perfectly. For some surfaces, you may need to use additional glue or double-sided tape to enhance adhesion. Finally, connect the proper power supply and turn on the LED strip, and you will be able to enjoy the bright lighting effect!

How to Connect LED Strip Lights?

Make sure that each section of light strip has the correct connector, usually a terminal or plug. Then, align and gently insert the connectors of each section of light strip to ensure a secure connection. For some light strips, it may be necessary to use an additional connector to connect the two light strips. Finally, turn on the power.

How Long Do LED Strip Lights Last?

High-quality LED strips can last up to 30,000 hours or more, which means that even if they are used for 8 hours a day, they can last for more than 7 years.

How to Hang LED Strip Lights?

Determine where you want to hang it and use glue or double-sided tape to gently attach the LED strip to the surface. If you want a more secure hanging, consider using retaining clips or brackets to hold the light strip in place.

What Are Fairy Lights?

Small string lights, also known as fairy lights, is a decorative lighting product, usually consists of a series of tiny LED bulbs, they are flexible and lightweight, they can be easily wrapped around Christmas trees, curtain rods, mirrors, picture frames, etc. They are commonly used in festive decorations, wedding setups, home decorations and other occasions.

Can You Cut Fairy Lights?

Typically, mini fairy lights are not designed to be cuttable because their circuits are continuous and cutting them may cause the circuits to break and thus not work properly.

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