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OLAFUS LED Ceiling Light


OLAFUS integrated with the design, research and development, manufacture and sale of Smart LED lighting products and related smart electronics, is an innovative company to cater to customer user experience.

OLAFUS is abbreviated from Olaf and us. Olaf, the Little Snowman in Frozen, is lively, lovely and quick-witted. However, he is willing to devote himself to his beloved one, melting himself. The spirit of such kind moves us shockingly. Hence, in July, 2018, our company set us a new brand, olafus, indicating our will to light up the world out of love, which coincides with our Enterprise Tenet, to be Century-old Enterprise with top-rated Customer-oriented service.

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Our Mission and Vision

1. Keep Innovation for Greater Brightness in Every Home
2. Become a Century-old Enterprise with Top-rated Customer-oriented Service!
3. Design and Develop the Products of Superb User Experience by Probing into Customer Demands, Considering Practical Application and Keeping Innovation.


Cater to Customer: “Spirit of Service Excellence”

1. To Be Customer-demand-oriented
2. To Provide High-end Products and Service to Customers
3. To Respond Swiftly to Customer Demands
4. To Achieve Favorable Market Price Without Middleman


Address: C/Resurreccion 3, Bajo, Madrid