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Olafus offers a wide range of high-quality, high-performance outdoor LED flood lights for a variety of uses, designed to meet your different lighting needs. Whether you need to illuminate an outdoor space for your home or improve security for your commercial premises, the Olafus range of floodlight fixtures offers superior performance, durability and ease of installation. Choose Olafus for high quality lighting solutions.

The Superior Choice of LED Floodlights - Illuminating Your Outdoor Space

Whether you're looking for the brightest lighting solution for a stadium, office building or college campus, LED outdoor floodlights are the smart choice.

Best Choice: With the superior illumination of LED floodlights, they cast a broad, intense beam of light for outdoor environments, whether for residential, commercial or industrial use.

Superior Brightness: Olafus floodlights utilize light emitting diodes (LEDs) for superior brightness. They last longer and are more energy efficient. Easily illuminate a large parking lot or a front yard garden.

Versatile Use: Olafus floodlights are suitable for a variety of environments and uses. We offer several models, including 150W, 200W, 100W, 50W, etc., to meet different lighting needs. You can choose the most suitable floodlight model according to your needs.

Safety & Security: LED flood lights not only illuminate the environment, but also deter potential intruders. They provide intense illumination that can reduce security risks and ensure the safety of pedestrians.

Wide range of uses: Olafus floodlight series includes bright, high power, wall mounted, plug-in, industrial grade, commercial, green and other advantages for different places and needs.

FAQs of Outdoor LED Flood Light

The best LED outdoor floodlights should not only meet your specific lighting needs, but also provide superior lighting for your outdoor environment. Here are frequently asked questions about outdoor LED flood lights: 

How Long Do LED Flood Lights Last?

LED floodlights usually have an excellent lifespan. They typically last upwards of 25,000 hours, which far exceeds the lifespan of traditional incandescent and halogen lamps, meaning that not only do you get high-quality lighting for a longer period of time, but you also save more energy and money.

Are LED Flood Lights Waterproof?

Most LED floodlights are waterproof to some degree. Usually an IP65 or IP66 waterproof rating, which means they can withstand rain and moisture and are suitable for outdoor environments. Please note that the exact waterproof rating may vary from model to model, so you should check the product specifications carefully before purchasing.

Are LED Flood Lights Any Good?

LED floodlights are excellent when it comes to illumination. They provide bright, even illumination, often comparable to traditional halogen floodlights, but with lower energy consumption.

Are LED Flood Lights as Bright as Halogen?

LED floodlights are typically brighter than halogen floodlights of the same wattage. This means you can get the same or higher brightness with less energy. The high brightness of LED floodlights makes them ideal for lighting large areas.

What Wattage for Outdoor LED Flood Lights?

Choosing the wattage of your outdoor LED flood lights depends on your specific lighting needs. Typically, these floodlights can range from 30W to 200W. If you need to light a small space, such as a backyard or garden, 30W to 50W floodlights are usually sufficient. For larger areas, such as parking lots, stadiums, or industrial uses, you may need higher power floodlights. Contact us to select the right wattage for your needs to ensure you get the lighting you need.

Do LED Flood Lights Get Hot?

Unlike traditional incandescent or halogen lamps, LED floodlights are cool light sources that produce little to no heat from the process of emitting light. This means they don't become incandescent, making them safer and more energy efficient, which also helps to reduce fire risk and energy costs.

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Choose Best Outdoor LED Flood Light from Olafus

Choosing the best LED outdoor flood lights is key to ensuring superior lighting for your outdoor space. No matter what your needs are, Olafus offers a wide range of models and options to meet a variety of outdoor lighting needs. Welcome to Olafus and enhance your outdoor lighting experience.

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