How to choose LED Strips Light?

How to choose LED Strips Light?

The main considerations are the following six factors:

  1. Uniform illumination
  2. The light color is consistent
  3. Select the color temperature
  4. Light strip continuous
  5. Easy to install and wire
  6. Connection length

Let us now understand these 6 factors in detail!

1, Uniform illumination

There are two meanings of uniform illumination:

First, the brightness between the led beads should be the same, it's depending on the quality of the LED bead. It is obvious to the naked eye that the brightness is consistent. Second, the brightness of the led strips should be consistent, it's depending on the voltage drop of the LED strip. The LED strip needs to be powered by the power supply. When the voltage drop of the LED driver is relatively large, the brightness of the LEDs connected to the long LED strips light will be inconsistent. You can connect the led strips to the required length, illuminate the strips, and discharge them together for comparison.

2, The light color is consistent

Light color consistency is also a parameter to test whether a LED lamp with a lamp bead quality is qualified. Look directly at the light strip, or find a piece of white paper, vertically close to the LED light surface, you can basically determine whether the light with the light is consistent. Looking at it with the eyes is the most intuitive.

The light color is consistent

3, Select the color temperature

Generally speaking, the general space uses more light bands of 3000K and 6000K color temperature. Olafus are available in warm white, daylight white and RGB led strips. And they are all dimmable, you can adjust the brightness according to your needs.

dimmable led strips light

4, Light strip continuous

The continuity of the light strip is an important consideration for the effect of the lighting design, which requires the entire strip to ensure no break zone and shadow. With a tool-free plug-in connection, you can ensure that the strip is continuously free of shadows.

5, Easy to install and wire

When used in a light trough, the space of the light trough is relatively small. If wiring and fixed installation operations are required, it is very troublesome! Therefore, it is necessary to select a light strip product that can be quickly inserted, quick-coupled, or snap-fitted. Usually, the installation steps and methods of this type of product are relatively simple. The olafus led strip lights peels the liner off of the sticky backing and lay them wherever you want or mount the LED strips with supplied mounting clips. Plug and Play!

Easy to install and wire

6, Connection length

According to the scene you want to install, choose the appropriate length of the light strip, olafus has 2m copper light can be easily bent, suitable for DIY, and 5M dimmable led light strips and 10M dimmable light strip (warm white, daylight white and RGB)

Based on the above 6 points, you will no longer be worried about how to choose the LED strip. If you want to know more, you can contact us or visit:

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