LED Flood Lights Types and Advantages, Do You Know?

LED Flood Lights Types and Advantages, Do You Know?

What is a LED Floodlight?
LED Flood Lights is the best lighting option to use in commercial spaces or outside. LED Flood Lights are strong lights and broad-beamed, high-intensity artificial light. Its main purpose is to make your outdoor area brighter with a high-intensity light. LED Flood Lights gives you a more high-intensity light to secure and safe your outdoor space.
Types of Outdoor LED Floodlight:
The floodlights on the market are roughly divided into RGB flood lights, dusk to dawn led security floodlights, led floodlights with motion sensor, LED work lights and conventional led floodlights.
LED floodlights usually used for your back patio, front yard, driveways, entryway, parking areas, backyards, basement door, workbench, barn, porch eave, horses paddock, cow corral, deer feeding area, Because most of them are used outdoors, the waterproof rating is IP66.
waterproof rating is IP66
Advantages of LED Flood Lights:
LED Flood Lights Have Long Lifespan and Fast Heat Dissipation: LED Flood Lights have low operating temperature and hence don’t generate a lot of heat like fluorescent lights. And LED floodlights are made of heavy-duty die-cast aluminum housing and tempered lenses. The innovative heat dissipation can prolong LED lifespan to 50,000 hours. This is approximately 13 years of illumination(10 hours per day).
LED Flood Lights Have Long Lifespan and Fast Heat Dissipation
LED Flood Lights Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly: By making a switch from traditional halogen light to modern LED outdoor lights, at least 80% of energy can be saved, thus saving you from paying extra for extra energy consumption. LED Flood Lights does not contain any toxic waste products and does not leave any carbon footprint.
LED Flood Lights Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly
LED Flood Light has better CRI: The LED Flood Light comes with a CRI of 70 enabling objects and surfaces to look realistic.

LED Flood Lights with Motion Sensor: 3 motion sensor settings (SENS, TIME, LUX) to adjust the detection distance(6-12m), lighting time(10-180s) and light sensitivity(day-night). With the more sensitive motion sensor, up to 39ft/12m sensing range and 120° sensing angle, it can meet your different needs.

Light Adjustable LED Floodlights: Being that photocells sense ambient light levels, the led security floodlights will automatically adhere to seasonal changes and are not affected by daylight-savings time. Automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn, saving you electricity bill and providing the security of having lights.
Light Adjustable LED Floodlights
RGB LED Flood Lights has Dimmable Option: Choose from 16 different colors and 4 modes (flash/fade/strobe/smooth) to match your theme and mood. Use the RGB led color lights all season for different events. With Dimmable option, you can adjust the brightness of LED Lights according to you.
LED Work Flood Light: The brightness of LED work site light can be adjusted by 2 modes which can meet different lighting needs of car repairing, construction site, home remodeling etc.
These LED Flood Lights are available in different size and shapes. Better choice of LED Flood Lights give you high-intensity light, high durability, high reliability, high energy-efficiency, and low maintenance. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us. web:olafuslife.com
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