LED Light Strips - The New Home Décor Trend

LED Light Strips - The New Home Décor Trend

Light is to space as oxygen is to life. LED strip lights, which looks like a long, plain strip, can be placed anywhere in a home's décor if it is cut!

The appearance of the strip with a simple and stylish shape, in line with the current young people super favorite minimalist light luxury style. The strip light can be paired with high-quality silicone, and all electronic components are completely covered in silicone, insulation and waterproof performance level, the service life is also relatively long. Soft silicone material, can be cut to extend the connection, can be creative cloth light patterns, text and other shapes, so you can do your own home lighting designer.

  • Living Room

OLAFUS LED Light Strip Wall Display

Hidden in the ceiling of the living room, see the light without lights. A halo of light will envelop the living room, like a cold day bathed in the eastern sun. The use of light sources rendered spread on the ceiling, brightening the entire top space at the same time, the sense of seniority is also full of points, the visual unconscious upward extension of the sense.

  • TV Wall

LED Strip Light TV Wall

If used behind the TV wall in the living room, it is also a simple and atmospheric model. Install a LED strip above the ceiling, the entire TV backdrop naturally becomes the center of the living room. You can enjoy the atmosphere of a movie theater, and the subtle light can also protect your eyesight.

There is also a more common application is in the TV cabinet below the laminate, each of the laminates below the installation of a LED strip, to meet the lighting is also very beautiful, the TV cabinet will look more outstanding.

  • Bedroom

Warm White LED Strip Bedroom

The adaptation index of the light strip and the bedroom is very high. The bedroom is a space for relaxation and recuperation, the light does not need to be too bright. Hidden behind the cabinets, corner gaps, bedside cracks, soft light flow, comfortable and comfortable.

If you design a light strip on the back wall above the bed, it can also play a good decorative role. According to the shape of the back wall, bold design simple and generous geometric shape, rich sense of line, the space is also rich in advanced interest.

  • Kitchen & Dinning Room

Daylight White LED Strip Kitchen & Dinning Room

Some people say that the light band placed in the dining room, is a more romantic atmosphere than candlelight. The lighting of the dining room space is to take into account 2 points: the food on the table is beautiful, and the people at the table are full of red light. Install the light strip hidden in the corner or the edge of the ceiling, both to meet the lighting and be beautiful.

The secondary reflection formed by the strip on the wall shows a softer light, and the whole dining atmosphere becomes moody. The light strip illuminates a wider range than candlelight, but the light source is not dazzling. The sense of the faintly visible, more romantic than candlelight.

  • Walk-in Closet

Walk-in Closet LED Strip Light (1)

Closet lighting levels are crucial, with good lighting, in order to go out with the beauty of the beauty. Soft light, small footprint, long service life, high safety factor, soft light color, can restore the maximum degree of clothing color, set off the skin tone, is the optimal choice for the installation of lighting in the dressing room.

  • Hallway

Hallway Strip Light

Meet the lighting at the same time beautify the space, so that the aisle is no longer "alone". The light is soft, can be cut and connected, the shape of a variety of light, comes with its own light, in this aspect of the concave shape to the handy.

Space is the essence of architecture, and light is the soul of space. The light belt exudes its characteristics in the aisle, assisting the owner to create a dark and shady area with clear layers, eliminating pompous and useless decoration, simple and advanced, full of light luxury minimalist style.

  • Bed

 Bed Strip Light

In the dark, the strip light can guard your safety. Install the light strip under the bed, switch on at any time. The light is mild and not harsh, slightly illuminate a small space, back to bed will not disturb the brain is still drowsy sleep, after the end of the night can quickly return to sleep.

  • Gaming Room

Gaming Room Strip Light

RGB strips are best suited in gaming rooms. Irregular objects or patterns are simply the best place for the flexibility of the strip light to play, it can easily connect different spaces, open up the space view and embellish the space boundary. So that each surface of the light and shadow interlaced, virtual and real, more prominent three-dimensional sense, objects are also more spiritual because of the lighting tape decoration.

Modern people like simplicity, do not want to arrange too many things for the home, then the light strip is the best choice, it does not occupy any place, just through the existing location to use, and also can achieve the effect of light, light strip installation is convenient, flexible cutting, applied to a variety of spaces a variety of scenes, to create a different style, shape different environmental state.

Therefore, the trend of simplicity will become more and more popular, because the global economy received the impact of the epidemic, people will only have money and energy to focus on more important items. Using less than $50 you can personalize your bedroom or living room, dining room, and will also make your family and friends give out admiration.

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