Experience the New Olafus 5 Head LED Outdoor Lights

Experience the New Olafus 5 Head LED Outdoor Lights

As technology continues to advance and LED lighting technology matures, the lighting industry has been revolutionized, and Olafus, as a brand dedicated to providing high-quality LED lighting solutions, continues to introduce innovative products to meet users' needs for efficient, environmentally friendly and practical lighting. And now, we bring you a highly anticipated new brand - 5 head LED floodlight.

With its unique design and outstanding performance, this new LED outdoor  light is leading the new trend in the lighting industry. Equipped with the design of five high brightness LED beads, this floodlight not only provides a wider range of lighting, but also ensures the uniformity of light while providing users with a brighter and more comfortable lighting experience.

Product Features of 5 Heads Outdoor Lights

  1. Omni-directional Lighting: The Olafus 5 head LED flood light is designed with five heads, each head can be adjusted independently, making the fixture able to cover a wider range of lighting. The light is projected in different directions, effectively eliminating dead corners and providing you with a more comprehensive lighting experience.
  2. Super Brightness: Each head is equipped with high brightness LED beads to provide powerful illumination.The total power of the Olafus 5 Head LED Floodlight ensures that it provides plenty of brightness in all environments, ensuring that your work and activities run smoothly.
  3. High Quality Material: Made of high quality aluminum alloy material with good heat dissipation and durability to ensure stable operation for a long time.
  4. IP65 Waterproof Rating: Designed to meet IP65 waterproof standard, it can resist the erosion of rain and moisture, suitable for long-term use in harsh outdoor environments, such as rainy day construction, open-air activities at night.
  5. Flexible Installation: Provides a variety of installation methods, including wall-mounted, eave-mounted, hanging, etc., which can be selected and adjusted according to the needs of different scenarios.
  6. Wide Applications: Suitable for a variety of scenes, including site construction, building exterior lighting, parking lot lighting, square landscape lighting, etc., providing convenient and efficient lighting solutions for different industries and environments.

Brand New Olafus 5 Heads Outdoor Lights

SKU LA-BA100M034US-DW01B LA-BA100M042US-DW01B LA-BD100M037US-DW01B LA-BD100M044US-DW01B LA-BG100M043US-DW01B LA-BG100M040US-DW01B
Appearance Color Black/White Black/White Black/White Black/White Black/White Black/White
Control Method Switch Control Switch Control Dusk to Dawn/Remote Dusk to Dawn/Remote Motion Sensor/Dusk to Dawn Motion Sensor/Dusk to Dawn
Wattage 100W 100W 100W 100W 100W 100W
Luminous Flux 10000LM 10000LM 10000LM 10000LM 10000LM 10000LM
Color Temperature 6500K 6500K 6500K 6500K 6500K 6500K
Waterproof IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65
Material Die-cast aluminum +PC Die-cast aluminum +PC Die-cast aluminum +PC Die-cast aluminum +PC Die-cast aluminum +PC Die-cast aluminum +PC

The new 5-head LED flood light from Olafus demonstrates the brand's continued innovation and breakthroughs in the field of LED lighting.The Olafus brand has always been committed to bringing users more advanced and convenient lighting solutions.

The new 5-head LED floodlight will bring you a new experience and choice for your lighting needs. Welcome to buy the LED flood light that suits your needs, let's enjoy the high quality lighting experience together and add more bright colors to life!

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