Why You Should Buy A RGB Flood Light

Why You Should Buy A RGB Flood Light

Nowadays, RGB lighting is becoming very popular and dominating the market for decorative purposes, RGB lighting is used in outdoor and indoor scenarios such as living rooms, patios, bedrooms, stages, playgrounds and various other locations. Today we will focus on some basic information about RGB floodlights.

The following are the benefits of RGB LED floodlights

Longer life span: RGB LED lights have a maximum life span of 50,000 hours, which means you can use them for a long time.

Generate less heat: Operate at a lower temperature, so these lights do not generate as much heat as other conventional lights.

Save more energy: This can be seen as an important advantage of LED lights over other traditional lighting solutions. The RGB lights are 90% more energy efficient than halogen lamps.

More environmentally friendly: These LED lights do not contain any toxic components or waste, so they do not leave any carbon footprint and are more environmentally friendly.

Low maintenance: RGB LED floodlights are a one-off investment as the LED lights have a long life span and therefore low maintenance costs. The low maintenance cost of these lights also makes them the right choice for hard-to-reach areas.

What should you know before buying an RGB light?

Light combinations

RGB lighting can display millions of different colours. Good RGB light is able to define colour combinations at will and the overall colour adjustment process is smooth and does not suddenly fail. over 16 million different colours are available in the RGB colour space.


High-quality RGB floodlights are designed with a plastic-coated aluminium housing, which allows for greater durability and reliability thanks to its efficient cooling design.

Exterior appearance

RGB floodlights are often used in larger venues, such as stages and patios, and so will have a rectangular appearance. 


The three most common ways of controlling RGB lights on the market today are remote control, Bluetooth and intelligent.

Remote control operation, the most common way of operating RGB lights, but with the popularity of smart devices, there are now Bluetooth and Wifi control modes, so there is no need to rush to find a remote control as long as the control is done via a mobile device.

Warranty policy

You will come across unbranded lamps in the market. These unbranded devices can be a greater safety hazard and may be manufactured using low-cost, poor quality materials such as leaks and burn-outs.

Before buying the products all need to see if they will provide product manuals, proof of protection of these materials and of course you can check the credibility of the brand.

Ordinary LED lights have a 1-year warranty, while OLAFUS, for any product, offers a 2-year warranty.

RGB LED floodlights can create a wide range of colours at low cost and perform well in terms of brightness while consuming very little power. There are many options on the luminaire market to suit any decorative or other lighting need for any budget.

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