A Bright Tool for Workplace - Brand New Olafus Worklights

A Bright Tool for Workplace - Brand New Olafus Worklights

In today's work and life, having a great lighting tool can quickly increase efficiency and ensure safety. Olafus has always been committed to providing high-quality, versatile LED lighting solutions, and now we are proud to introduce a brand new product: the 100W 10000 lumen folding LED work light.

More than just a light, this work light is a smart, portable and powerful tool designed to help you work more efficiently in a variety of environments, whether you're working on a construction site, camping outdoors, or responding to an emergency, it's a great way to help you.

Let's explore the uniqueness of this work light and find out how it can be a bright tool for convenience and efficiency in the workplace.

Olafus 100W 10000 Lumen Folding LED Worklight

Olafus 100W 10000 Lumen Folding LED Worklight


  • Lighting Power: 100W
  • Brightness: 10000 lumens
  • Design: Foldable and portable
  • Light Source Type: LED
  • Color temperature: 6500K
  • Beam Angle: 120°
  • Waterproof: IP65 Rating
  • Material: Die-cast aluminum + tempered glass
  • Energy Saving: LED technology, high energy efficiency, low power consumption

Outstanding Features

Olafus LED Work Lights for Warehouse

High brightness and folding design

The Olafus 100W LED work light delivers powerful illumination with 10,000 lumens, making it a great light in a variety of environments. The folding design increases portability, making it easy to carry and store, especially for outdoor and mobile work scenarios.

Multi-scenario application

The luminaire is suitable for all kinds of workplaces, such as construction sites, workshops, garages, etc. It can also provide sufficient lighting in outdoor activities such as camping, fishing and other scenes. Its flexibility and portability make it ideal for outdoor adventures, night work and other scenarios.

Adjustable Function

Adjustable light level and angle can meet the needs of different working scenarios, for example, the light angle and intensity can be flexibly adjusted in environments such as workbenches, garages or outdoor camps.

Durability and Energy Saving

The product is made of durable material with high waterproof performance and can adapt to various harsh environments. The application of LED technology results in lower energy consumption and longer service life, improving overall energy efficiency and reliability.

Application Scenarios

LED Work Lights for site construction

Site construction

The Olafus 100W 10,000 Lumen Folding LED Work Light is the ideal jobsite lighting solution. Its high brightness and adjustable angle feature make it perfect for nighttime construction or low light environments. Workers can take advantage of the portability of the folding design to work anywhere, anytime.

Outdoor Camping

For outdoor enthusiasts, this folding LED work light is the perfect companion. The lightweight and portable design makes it an ideal lighting tool for camping, hiking or open-air parties. At the same time, its powerful illumination ensures safety and convenience in outdoor environments.

The Olafus 100W 10000 lumen folding LED work light brings a new lighting solution to all types of work scenarios with its superior design and powerful performance. Its high brightness and folding design give portability and flexibility, making it easy to cope with a variety of work demands.


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