Best Expert Tips for Choosing String Lights

Best Expert Tips for Choosing String Lights

There are many factors to consider when buying LED string lights, starting with the use of the lights. With so many options available, the string light buying process can be a very complicated experience. Organizing your needs before you start buying lights will make the process quicker and more efficient.

Few products can immediately transform a monotonous environment into a fun, relaxing, comfortable, and festive space. However, the atmosphere of your living environment can be easily changed using string lights.

What should shoppers look for when buying outdoor string lights?

1. The type of string lights

  • Standard

This shape is often used outdoors and is the regular incandescent lamp with a distance of 3 to 4 feet between the lamps, for larger outdoor spaces the standard string of lights may be preferred.

  • Globe

The round bulb shape is more popular with most people who like to decorate outdoors, it adds a lot of ambiance, it is also a type of incandescent light, and the distance between the lights is 3 to 4 feet.

these are strings of lights with thin metal wires, very easy to install, flexible, and light to hang without having to worry about whether there is enough to support it, the light from this fairy type is soft, comfortable, and very popular with young people and cheap.

  • Special

Special light strings have a bulb inside a shaped housing. The string lights can look like anything from stars to the moon to fruit. Special novelty string lights can be used for fun and casual spaces or themed parties.

  • Rope

These lights are placed in soft plastic tubes. The lights glow from inside the tubes to create a soft style of lighting. They are usually one color.

  • Multi-colored

This type of string light is colored differently to any lighting type. So this string light itself may be a spherical lamp or a special novelty light, but the overall look is one of a rainbow of looks. This type of light is often used in themed parties, children's playgrounds, or in children's rooms.

2. Consider the power source

  • Plug-in¬†type

You must consider the position of the power connector and the length of the string and then make a reasonable configuration, in addition to the height of the string and the position of the power supply to ensure safety.
  • Battery type¬†

Fairy lights are strings of lights that are battery type, ready to use, with high flexibility in overall installation.
  • Solar type

Solar string lights can draw energy from the sun using small solar panels on the end of a wire. These lights are environmentally friendly and easy to install in any location that receives sunlight, and you can place it in locations where there are no or not close to sockets.

What factors about your space should you consider when making this purchase?

1. Plug-in or battery type: the cost of maintenance is different, in the case of plug-in type the maintenance cost is low because you just need to ensure that the power supply is kept energised, in the case of battery type, the battery status needs to be checked frequently.
2. long distance or short distance: installed outdoors, the installation length must be considered, as some strings have a length limit, please determine your installation location distance before purchasing.
3. Bad weather: outdoors, you are bound to encounter rain or storms, make sure your lights are waterproof to avoid safety problems.

How do you hang string lights? 

  • Step 1: Choose the right string of lights for your space.
  • The choice varies from string to string, whether it is a standard type, a sphere for long distances such as a tent, eaves, etc. or again a fairy light for short distances such as a branch, bush, etc.
  • Step 2: Determine where to hang the lights.
  • Step 3: Measure the hanging position.
  • Step 4: Attach the fixtures.
  • It may be necessary to use nails or hooks for fixing, these must be positioned in conjunction with the length of the string of lights.
  • Step 5: Hang the string of lights.
  • Step 6: Plug in and enjoy your outdoor party time.

How long should you keep string lights on? 

Be sure to power up only when you need to use it, and when you don't need to use it or when the party is over, turn off the research, because, we only have one green planet. The OLAFUS fairy light can 48 hours in continuous usage

How long should your string lights be? 

This needs to be measured in accordance with the hanging position, which is the installation procedure described above. If you choose a universal length, the flexibility of the OLAFUS fairy lights as well as the battery-operated switch is perfect for DIY use.

How can you hide the string light cord? 

Often you can use small pendants such as leaves or make your own DIY to hide a look that matches the environment, one is aesthetically pleasing and the second develops your own hands-on skills.

Are there any specific brands or models you'd recommend and why? 

OALFUS only has one type of fairy light, and we are also the main promoter of fairy lights.OALFUS fairy lights are available with metallic wire in warm white, cool white and blue.
This string of lights is very easy to install as the flexible wire can be flexibly wrapped around any fixture and the lightweight design ensures that fairy lights can be hung anywhere without having to worry about whether the fixture can support them. It will match your outdoor décor. The Fairytale Light with IP67 is waterproof and offers a softer light than other popular types of string lights, creating a soft, comforting glow that radiates in any outdoor space.

What is considered a good battery life? 

Usually, a LED light is considered to be qualified if it can be used for more than one year, and some suppliers offer a 2-3 year guarantee. All OLAFUS lights come with a two-year guarantee.

If you are interested in OLAFUS fairy lights, please let us know and we look forward to working with you.

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