Brand New Product - Olafus 55W 3-in-1 LED Security Lights

Brand New Product - Olafus 55W 3-in-1 LED Security Lights

In September, Olafus is proud to introduce the new Olafus 55W 3-in-1 LED security light, which is a fixture with excellent performance enhancements and versatility to bring a new lighting experience at home and commercial locations.

Olafus has always been committed to providing high-quality LED lighting solutions to our customers.

Product Highlights

Olafus 55W Motion Sensor and Dusk to Dawn LED Security Light

  • UPGRADED SENSOR HEAD: Olafus newest sensor head is more sensitive in detecting motion, has a wider coverage area, supports a 180° detection angle, and has a motion detection distance of up to 72 feet. In addition, the light duration can be set to 1, 5 or 10 minutes as desired.
  • POWERFUL REMOTE CONTROL: Within a range of 5 meters, you can switch the lighting mode, set the lighting delay time, light sensitivity and sensing distance by simply pointing the remote control at the head of the sensor. It makes you no longer need to go up and down the ladder to adjust the sensor, which is safer and more convenient.
  • 3 MODES & TIMER: Olafus' fixtures offer dusk-to-dawn mode, motion-sensing mode, and always-on mode. With three floodlight functions in one light, you can freely switch modes to meet various needs. Dusk to dawn mode and constant light mode also have timer function, you can set the daily usage hours of the fixtures and customize the lighting time according to your needs, thus saving electricity bill.Olafus 55W Motion Sensor and Dusk to Dawn LED Security Light
  • WATERPROOF IP65 - Olafus 3-In-1 sensor security light is made of durable ABS material and can withstand rain, sleet, or snow without damage. It is very suitable for houses, backyards, outdoors, driveways, all-weather!
  • HIGH-QUALITY LED BEADS: Using high-quality LED beads as the light source, 55W power can produce 5500LM 6500K brightness, which can replace the same traditional 350w halogen bulb, saving more than 85% on electricity bills

Installation and Usage Guide

The Olafus 55W 3-in-1 LED Security Light is very easy to install. Simply follow the installation instructions provided to secure it to a wall, roof or other suitable location and then connect the power supply. Complete with a detailed user manual, the installation is easy to complete even if you are not a professional electrician.

Once installed, this fixture will work automatically according to your needs. The motion sensor will sense activity around you and illuminate the light, and the dusk to dawn sensor will automatically turn it on and off when needed, saving power and convenience.

Application Scenarios

The Olafus 55W 3-in-1 LED security light is perfect for a variety of scenarios:

Olafus 55W Motion Sensor and Dusk to Dawn LED Security Light

  • HOME SECURITY: This security light is a powerful tool to protect your home. You can install it at the front door of your home, driveway entrance or backyard to keep your home safe. At night, it automatically lights up when motion is detected, providing bright illumination and preventing potential intruders from entering your property.
  • COMMERCIAL USE: The Olafus 55W 3-in-1 LED Security Light is also perfect for commercial use. You can install them in office buildings, stores, warehouses, and parking lots to increase security at night. The motion-sensing mode saves energy by ensuring that the light is available when you need it.

Olafus 55W Motion Sensor and Dusk to Dawn LED Security Light

  • OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES: If you like outdoor parties or open-air activities, this security light can also brighten up your events. You can use it as an outdoor lighting fixture to ensure that your family and friends enjoy adequate lighting at night while saving energy.
  • INDUSTRIAL USE: In industrial environments, this fixture can be used to provide essential lighting, especially during night shifts or in areas that require extra illumination. Its high brightness ensures safety and work efficiency.
  • AGRICULTURAL AREA: In the agricultural area, this luminaire can be used to illuminate farmland, livestock farms and agricultural facilities. It can help improve agricultural productivity and ensure safety at night.

Whether it's the high brightness, smart sensor performance, or waterproof and durable design, it excels in a variety of scenarios.The Olafus 55W 3-in-1 LED Security Light is a powerful, versatile light that will improve your lighting experience, providing high-quality illumination and safety protection.

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