How Can Improve Home Security for Your Family

How Can Improve Home Security for Your Family?

What you often hear about home security is locking doors and windows and keeping your valuables. But people will overlook one. When your home entrance becomes a hideout, the home security factor is greatly reduced to 50%. Burglars, vandals, and other criminals will sneak into their target areas and don't want to be the center of attention. If you place outdoor lighting in your front and back yards, pathways, and near your garage and other outdoor structures, keep them away with plenty of brightness to keep them frightened and trembling.

Secondly, outdoor lighting can also keep yourself and your family safe. For example, patio steps, flower gardens, or paths and garages are places that your family will access, and adequate lighting brightness can simultaneously reduce the danger that these may cause. So, there is one simple way to improve your home security.

  • Use Outdoor LED Light

Exterior lighting eliminates dark areas where burglars may hide while providing security for family access, and of course, surprise or deterrence with motion sensor lights. Here are the most popular outdoor lighting fixtures.

55W Motion Sensor Security Light Black
80W LED Security Light
55W Dusk to Dawn Security Light Black
Model DW02 97BD DW01 90BD
Wattage 200W 55W 80W 55W
Control Switch Control Motion Sensor Switch Control Dusk to Dawn
  • 252¬†Ultra-bright¬†LED¬†Beads
  • 15000LM¬†High¬†Brightness
  • 85%¬†Energy¬†Saving
  • IP66¬†Waterproof
  • Efficient¬†Cooling
  • 30,000¬†Long¬†Lifespain
  • 5500LM¬†Super¬†Bright
  • 180¬į¬†Sensing¬†Angle
  • IP65¬†Waterproof
  • Max¬†360¬į¬†Beam¬†Angle
  • 85%¬†Energy¬†Saving
  • 112¬†High-quality¬†LED¬†Beads
  • 3¬†Adjustable¬†Heads
  • 7300LM¬†High¬†Brightness
  • IP65¬†Waterproof
  • 80%¬†Energy¬†Saving
  • 5500LM¬†Super¬†Bright
  • IP65¬†Aluminum¬†Housing
  • Max¬†360¬į¬†Beam¬†Angle
  • 3¬†Adjustable¬†Heads
  • 85%¬†Energy¬†Saving
  • Price $119.99 $43.99 $48.99 $41.99


    If you are not satisfied with the above, you can browse our LED floodlight or outdoor security light.

    Home security is vital for families. In addition to the easiest way above, we will also provide some other methods.

    • Security Windows and Doors

    Check all windows and doors to ensure that door and window frames are strong and hinges are protected. Always lock windows when you go out and when you rest at night.

    • Home Security Systems

    Configure visual doorbells, alarm systems, and security cameras to ensure that you are alerted first.

    • Garage Security

    This is another place where burglars like to hide. Make it a habit to lock all garage doors.

    Prevention is always the best way to improve the safety of your family. There are small, simple steps you can take to make your home safer for your family.

    FAQs of LED Security Lights

    1. What is an LED security light?

    An LED security light is a type of outdoor lighting that uses LED technology to provide bright and energy efficient illumination. Its purpose is to improve the safety and security of people and property by illuminating the surrounding area.

    2. Why should you buy security lights?

    Investing in a quality security light is an important step in protecting your property and ensuring the safety of your family and belongings. You can use it to deter intruders, increase visibility around your house, and save energy.

    3. Motion Sensor vs Dusk to Dawn vs Switch Control

    • Motion Sensor: Turn on automatically when motion is detected within range.
    • Dusk to Dawn: Turn on at dusk and off at dawn.
    • Switch Control: Manually controlled.

    All three of them serve to provide illumination, the difference is in the type of control mechanism and you need to choose in combination with the actual lighting needs.

    4. Buy Olafus Security Lights

    Olafus offers a range of high quality LED safety lights that are perfect for outdoor use. Waterproof and equipped with motion sensors, dusk to dawn sensors, or on/off switch controls, depending on your preference.

    With a long life span and energy efficient design, Olafus' security lights are a great investment for any homeowner looking to increase safety and security. Explore the best options and find the security lights that best fit your needs.

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