Wireless Dimmable Art Painting Light

Modern Art Lighting Upgrade - Olafus' Latest Wireless Dimmable Art Painting Light

In modern home decoration, art paintings are not only decorative, but also an important element to show the taste and atmosphere. The latest wireless dimmable art painting light from Olafus injects more life into the artwork with its unique design and multifunctional features.

New Wireless Art Painting Lights from Olafus

Wireless Dimmable Art Painting Light

The Wireless Dimmable Art Painting Light series from Olafus is a lighting fixture designed for modern artwork. This fixture utilizes advanced wireless technology with a remote control that gives you the freedom to adjust the brightness of your painting's illumination to create the best possible lighting effect.

Product Features

  1. Wireless Design: Equipped with advanced wireless technology, it is free from the traditional power cord, easy to install and beautiful.
  2. Dimmable Function: Through the included remote control, you can easily adjust the brightness of the light to meet the lighting needs of different art paintings, so that the artwork shows the best effect.
  3. Rechargeable Battery: Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, easy to charge, fully charged can provide long time lighting, energy saving and environmental protection.
  4. Different Models Available: Olafus offers 2 models for different sizes of art paintings to meet your personalized choice.
  5. High Quality Materials: Made of high-quality materials, durable and stable, ensuring a long time good using experience.

Applicable Scene

Wireless Dimmable Art Painting Light

Olafus' wireless dimmable art painting lights are suitable for many occasions, such as:

  1. Home Gallery: Make your art paintings more colorful and create a unique art atmosphere for your home.
  2. Gallery Exhibitions: provide professional lighting solutions for galleries, highlighting the delicacy and beauty of artwork.
  3. Office Space: Provide lighting for office decorations to enhance the aesthetic taste of the office environment.
  4. Commercial Venues: such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, etc., to provide high-quality lighting for decorative items and artwork to attract customers' attention.

Olafus Wireless Rechargeable Picture Light Details

Model LA-HA03A001 LA-HA03A002

Side Button

Front Button

Color Black/Gold Black/Gold
Wattage 3W 3W
Voltage 5V 5V
Luminous Flux‎ 400LM 400LM
Color Temperature 2700-6500K 2700-6500K
Charging Time 3-4H 3-4H
Control Method Remote Remote
Remote Distance <19.6ft-26.2ft <19.6ft-26.2ft
Feature Timer & Memory function, ‎Dimmable,Rechargeable Timer & Memory function, ‎Dimmable,Rechargeable

This wireless dimmable art painting light from Olafus not only has a stylish appearance and powerful functions, but also enhances the display of your artwork.

Choose Olafus and let your artwork show its unique light charm. Hurry up to buy it and inject new inspiration and vitality into your artwork! Whether at home or in a commercial setting, you can bring a unique art experience. Let your artwork shine with Olafus' LED accent lights.

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