Olafus Bluetooth Speaker - Everything You Should Know

Olafus Bluetooth Speaker - Everything You Should Know

The Olafus Bluetooth speaker series brings you excellent sound quality and easy connectivity. Whether you're at home, outdoors or at a party event, Olafus speakers provide you with great music enjoyment. Olafus Bluetooth speakers feature advanced wireless technology that allows you to easily connect to a variety of audio devices, such as phones, tablets and computers.

Not only that, but Olafus Bluetooth speakers also feature a durable design and water resistance, allowing you to enjoy your music in a variety of environments. Whether you're enjoying music alone or sharing it with friends, the Olafus Bluetooth speaker is the ideal choice for you. Let's explore the Olafus Bluetooth speaker series together and inject more passion and convenience into your music experience.

Olafus Bluetooth speaker features

Bluetooth Lantern Speakers with RGB Lights Color Lights Bluetooth Speakers Warm White Lights Bluetooth Speakers
  • Support up to 200 Speakers Shared Audio
  • Multi Color-changing mode
  • Built-in 6,600mAh, up to 20H Playtime
  • Dust & splash water protection
  • True Wireless Stereo & 3D Surround Sound
  • True Wireless Stereo & 3D Surround Sound
  • Color-changing, or choose one steady color.
  • Built-in 5200mAh battery, up to 10H Playtime
  • Bluetooth 5.0, no wires or app required
  • Waterproof design ideal for outdoor
  • Creating a vibrant warm light show
  • Built-in 5200mAh battery, up to 10H Playtime
  • Bluetooth 5.0 ensures instant pairing and stable connection
  • True Wireless Stereo & Immersive Music Experience
  • Widely used in outdoor(waterproof design)

Scenarios for Olafus Bluetooth speakers

  • Outdoor Yard

Yard Bluetooth Speaker

  • Holiday

Holiday Bluetooth Speaker

  • Party

Party Bluetooth Speaker

  • Camping

Camping Bluetooth Speaker

  • Outdoor Garden

Outdoor Garden Bluetooth Speaker

  • Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Bluetooth Speaker

FAQs of Olafus Bluetooth speaker

Questions: How to connect Olafus speakers?

  •  For RGB Light Lantern Speaker 

First, make sure the speaker power ON

Second, establishing a connection

  1. Bluetooth indicator will falsh slowly after turning it on. (If the light does not flash, press Bluetooth button until it starts flashing.)
  2. Enable Bluetooth in your device settings and select:OLAFUS=01SK".
  3. After pairing successfully, the indicator light will stay on and you can hear a chime.

Olafus speaker connection

  • For Color/Warm Light Lantern Speaker
  1. Hold the “” to turn the speaker on. The speaker will automatically enter Bluetooth mode by default. You will hear the prompt tone and the blue indicator light will flash quickly.
  2. The first time that you pair the speakers and your device, you should turn your device’s Bluetooth function on and search for the speaker. The device will display the speaker’s name “A SPEAKER07”. Tap the speaker’s name and it will automatically pair with your device. After successfully pairing, the speaker will beep and the indicator light will stay blue.
  3. When the speaker and your device has been successfully paired, you can play music through your device and control the music through the speaker. If you want to connect different device with this speaker, short press “” 2 times to cut the present bluetooth connection. And then follow the above 2 steps to enter bluetooth pairing mode.

Questions: How to pair Olafus speakers?

  •  For RGB Light Lantern Speaker

Enable Bluetooth on your device

If Bluetooth light is flashing, you can match your devices directly. If not, press until the light flashes, and then search for"OLAFUS-01SK" on your device and pair the devices.

After pairing successfully, the Bluetooth light will stay on and you can hear a chime.

  • For Color/Warm Light Lantern Speaker(TWS Pair)
  1. TWS interconnection: Switch on the two speakers at the same time, the two speakers will be paired and connected with each other.
  2. After successful pairing, the blue light of the main engine will flash slowly, and the blue light of the secondary engine will always light (with the prompt tone).

Disconnect the TWS connection: After the two speakers are successfully connected, continue to press and hold the “ ” button on any one of the speakers for 2 seconds to disconnect (with the prompt tone).

Note: The best distance between the two speakers should be controlled between 5-8M. If the range is too large or too small, the information transmission between the speakers will be affected.

Questions: How can I find the Olafus bluetooth speaker manual?

When you receive a package of Olafus products, it will be equipped with an instruction manual for the product, which you can also find through the Olafus website Manual.


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Speakers no longer hold charge for very long. I don’t use the lights and still have to charge everyday now. Average battery life is about 3 hours.

Earl Jackson

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