Olafus Brand New Outdoor Floodlight Camera

Olafus Brand New Outdoor Floodlight Camera

With the advancement of science and technology, the smart security light is no longer a simple lighting role, the protection of family and property security is its true mission, so Olafus all new floodlight camera, this revolutionary product will be a clever combination of lighting and monitoring functions, providing a full range of solutions for outdoor security.

Whether it's a home patio, garage, commercial area or any other outdoor location, the Olafus floodlight camera will become an indispensable tool for your security surveillance. Olafus will take you on an in-depth look at how you can utilize the latest technology to protect your home and property. Bring more security and convenience to your life and work!

What is outdoor led floodlight camera?

The floodlight camera is a smart security device with integrated lighting and surveillance features. In addition to powerful LED lighting features that provide bright illumination to cover a wide area, it also has a built-in HD camera that allows you to monitor your surroundings in real time and capture HD video or images. The surveillance function can be used for security monitoring, monitoring home or commercial premises, and monitoring activities in areas such as garages and yards.

Brand New Olafus 55W LED Outdoor Floodlight Camera

This all-new flood light camera comes with 2K Full HD video quality with a body-sensor activated 55W 5500lm LED light and also supports two-way talk function. Its PIR-triggered alarm and App program controlled light on/off features provide users with greater flexibility and convenience with a 125º wide viewing angle and adjustable alarm sensitivity and timing functions.

In addition, the 180° advanced PIR motion detection and built-in color night vision with three LEDs allow users to adjust the light brightness and timing settings via the mobile app. In addition, the product supports interfacing with Alexa and Google Assistant, while the sensing records can also be viewed through the App, providing all-around monitoring and protection for home and business security. 

Olafus 55W LED Outdoor Floodlight Camera Features

Powerful Lighting Performance

With 55 watts of power and up to 5,500 lumens with a color temperature of 6,500K, the Olafus flood light camera provides bright and clear illumination. It creates a safe and comfortable lighting environment for both nighttime security and outdoor activities. With 3 adjustable light heads, you can flexibly adjust the irradiation angle and range as needed to meet the lighting needs of different scenes.

High Definition Surveillance

High Definition Surveillance

The camera supports 2K Full HD video quality and is equipped with a wide 125-degree viewing angle, which enables it to cover the surveillance area in all directions and capture surveillance images with clear details. No matter day or night, it can provide high-quality surveillance video to ensure that you will not miss any important details.

Smart Connected Function

Smart Connected Function

This camera has a built-in 2.4G WiFi antenna, supports stable wireless network connection, and can be remotely monitored and operated via mobile app. You can view the surveillance screen anytime and anywhere, conduct remote intercom, and realize intelligent security management.

All-around security protection

All-around security protection

180-degree advanced PIR motion detection technology, sensitively senses the surrounding dynamics and triggers video recording and alarm in time to ensure the safety of your family and property. In addition, the built-in siren can sound an alarm to effectively scare away suspicious people and enhance security protection.

Easy to operate and maintain

The camera supports PIR trigger and App program to control the light switch, which is convenient and flexible for users to control. The brightness of the floodlight can also be adjusted through the mobile app, so that the light can be adjusted according to the actual needs and improve the using experience.

Durable waterproof and fireproof design

Durable waterproof and fireproof design

The equipment has waterproof and fireproof performance, adapting to a variety of harsh environments and ensuring the long-term stable operation of the equipment. Whether it is a stormy outdoor environment or a hot and dusty place, it can be used with peace of mind and provide lasting security.

FAQs of Outdoor Floodlight Camera

Q: How does the Flood Light Camera work?

The flood light camera integrates a high brightness LED light and a high definition camera to monitor the surrounding environment through intelligent sensing technology. When someone or an animal enters the monitoring area, the camera will automatically turn on the light and start recording HD video to realize the security monitoring and lighting of the monitoring area.

Q: What is the video quality of the flood light camera?

Floodlight cameras support HD video recording and usually provide 2K full HD video quality, which can capture clear and detailed surveillance images to ensure effective security monitoring.

Q: How to remotely access and control the floodlight camera?

You can remotely access and control the floodlight camera via mobile app or computer browser. Simply connect to the appropriate WiFi network and you can view the live surveillance feed and control the light switch and other settings at any time. 

Q: Does the flood light camera support two-way audio communication?

Yes, most flood light cameras support two-way audio communication. You can have real-time dialog and communication with the personnel in the monitoring area through the mobile app to enhance the interactivity of security monitoring.

Q: What security features do floodlight cameras have?

Floodlight cameras are usually waterproof and fireproof, adapting to a variety of harsh outdoor environments. In addition, some cameras are equipped with intelligent motion detection and alarm systems that can detect anomalies and provide alerts in a timely manner, ensuring safety and security in homes and commercial premises.

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