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32W LED Grow Light for Plant

32W LED Grow Light for Plant


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OLAFUS fluorescent grow lights

NOTE: The invisible light is dark, which is normal.

Ceiling or Hanging

OLAFUS fluorescent grow lights

OLAFUS fluorescent grow ceiling lightsOLAFUS led fluorescent grow ceiling lights

  • FULL SPECTRUM: 84 high-quality LED chips (46 Red, 16 Blue, 18 White, 4 Invisible LEDs) provide full-spectrum grow light just like natural sunlight, contributing to plant germination, growth, flowering and fruiting, helpful for all growth stages.
  • AUTO ON/OFF TIMING: Equipped with the remote control for ten-level dimming and 3, 6, 9, 12 hours Cycle timing. Plant growing lamps can be set to turn on at a specific time of the day, automatically turn off after 3 (or 6, 9, 12) hours of work, and automatically work at the same time every day according to your settings.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: Using 50CM retractable steel rope, freely adjust the height of the plant lamp to output different light range and Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density. The recommended distance of the full spectrum grow light from the plant canopy is 0.3-1m.
  • TWO INSTALLATION METHODS: Growlight can be ceiling-mounted or installed with retractable steel ropes. Easy to use with 6.56ft power cord, on/off switch.
  • ENERGY SAVING&WIDELY USED: Compared with the traditional 160W HPS light, it only consumes 32W, providing brighter light and saving more electricity. Don’t worry about your bills. The sun lamps for plants are suitable for growing succulents, orchids, African violets, basil, tomatoes, tomatoes, rosemary, green peppers, greenhouse, and other common houseplants.
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