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Olafus 32.8ft RGBIC Dream Color LED Strip Lights

Olafus 32.8ft RGBIC Dream Color LED Strip Lights


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32.8ft RGBIC Dream Color Strip Lights
  • COLOR CHASING EFFECT - Multiple colors can appear on the LED strip light with IC simultaneously, chasing, flashing and dancing in a line. 300 LEDs (30 LEDs/meter) can provide more uniform light, instead of producing dark intervals like other 180 LEDs (18 LEDs/meter). Providing brighter light for parties, Christmas, Valentine's Day.
  • TWO CHANNELS - RGB strip lights can output two different signals, you can control it individually or control both channels in a unified way, suitable for many occasions. Your settings can be saved as 9 different scenes for use next time.
  • MULTIPLE CONTROL METHODS - In addition to the RF remote control, you can also control the dream color light strip via APP and control box. Via the APP, you can control the speed, brightness, color, direction, and effect length of the multicolor led lights to achieve different color change modes.
  • 40 SCENE MODES - Built-in 16 million solid color effects and 40 kinds of dynamic effects, including 24 kinds of basic dynamic effects and 16 kinds of Music effects. Color changing lights strip will change colors and rhythm by the voice beats and the rhythm of the music, creating you a Romance, Relaxation, Dynamic, Party Ambiance.
  • BLUETOOTH & TIMING - The SceneX APP, via Bluetooth connection, allows set up to five timers to control the opening and closing time flexibility.
32.8ft RGBIC Dream Color Strip Lights

RGBIC is defined as follows: One or more LEDs are independently controlled by an IC chip. In other words, compared to traditional RGB light strips, each LED (or group of LEDs) on the RGBIC strip can emit light independently. This greatly improves the "playability" of the strip light, is an innovation of the LED light strip.

Thanks to the new technology, our RGBIC LED strip not only contain all the effects of traditional light strips, but also can achieve many new effects, including monochromatic pursuit between light and dark, chasing between colors, and rainbow mode (a single light strip has multiple colors at the same time). Up to 40 modes can be selected, and the mode speed and effect duration can be adjusted. With the voice control function, it can perfectly show the rhythm and dynamism of the music.

32.8ft RGBIC Dream Color Strip Lights

30 LEDs / Meter
Our music tape light adopts high quality LED beads, with high brightness and accurate colors. 30 LEDs per meter, high density lamp beads to ensure high quality visual effects.

RF Remote
By long pressing the lock button, the RF remote can control the only matching rope light without accidentally controlling other rope lights.

Use APP or remote to easily adjust color, brightness or speed. 16 million colors, 40 dynamic modes with varying speeds and effect length. It is ideal for indoor lighting decoration, such as kitchen, under cabinet, dining room, bedroom, TV Backlighting, automobile, mirror, balcony, party, patio, wedding, etc.


32.8ft RGBIC Dream Color Strip Lights
32.8ft RGBIC Dream Color Strip Lights

The APP name is "SceneX ", please search and install the application in Google Play or App store.



- Strip: 10m dream color strip light

- LED Quantity: 300 LEDs (30 LEDs/m)

- Control units: 3 LEDs per RGBIC

- Working Voltage: DC 12V

- Power: 48W

- Beam Angle: 120°

- Life Span: 30,000 hours

- Control Mode: RF remote Control /Bluetooth APP Control / 3-Key Box Control


If the color is inaccurate, please CALIBRATE RGB via APP.

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