7W Grow Light Bulbs 6 Pack


Full Specturm: Full spectrum Grow Light Bulbs come with blue & red wavelength (400-650nm), perfect for all growing stages plants. Ideal for DIY indoor plant, which helps to obtain more uniform light than a single red or blue spectrum light. Make your plants grow faster and healthier.

Wide Angle & Energy Saving: Each LED grow light bulb deliver a 150-degree light output. Used High Lumen Led Chips replace to 100w traditional light bulb. Enjoy natural lighting without the high electric bills.

High Quality: This Grow Bulb use Plastic & Aluminium material to build the cooling system. Support the light working for longer time. Make a suitable temperature to your plants. Avergage Life of 50000 Hours.

Easy to Install: E26 Base fits all standard E26 sockets. no necessary to find other fixture to fit this bulb. Easy install to E26 socket.

Wide Application: These plant grow bulbs are also very suitable for greenhouse and many indoor environments. Use them to grow plants in the kitchen, grow fruits and vegetables in the basement, or grow flowers in living spaces with little sunlight.

Specification Material: Plastic & Aluminium
Rated Power: 7 Watts
Input Voltage: 110V
Red Light Wavelength: 630 nm
Blue Light Wavelength: 460 nm
Lifetime: 50000 hours
Suitable Distance from Lamp to Plant: 2-4.05ft

Full spectrum Grow Light Bulbs

Full spectrum Grow Light Bulbs

Red and blue ends of the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum are used by plants in photosynthesis. To that end, each bulb emits spectrum wavelengths and color for photosynthetic response, allowing plants to flourish and grow. The plant grow light features a 120-degree light output, making it ideal for growing vegetables and fruits, floriculture, vertical farms and propagation.

Full spectrum grow bulbs are easy to use. They are suitable for entire life cycle.

Innovative Heat Dissipation

Super Cooling System---These LED Grow Lights use Plastic & Aluminium material to build the cooling system. Support the light working for longer time.

Energy Saving

Avergage Life of 50000 Hours---The 120V 7-watt bulb (equivalent to 100 watts) uses less energy and has a longer lifespan, a perfect replacement for incandescent lamps.

Standard E26 Sockets

Easy to Set up With E26 Socket---Operates like a light bulb! Fits standard E26 sockets with no special lamp-base necessary.