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Olafus 3 Heads Wireless 6500K LED Accent Lights

Olafus 3 Heads Wireless 6500K LED Accent Lights


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Note: This is a used product and maybe it's a little defective, but it will not affect usage.

Powered by 3 AA batteries (not included), no wire needed, safe and easy to use. 270LM, 6500K Daylight White LED picture light.

Timer & Dimmer:
ON/OFF, Timer (10/30/60/120 minutes) & Dimmer (10%/40%/80%/100% preset brightness and + increase , – decrease).
Adjustable Light Head: Wireless spotlight with three heads can rotate 350°, easy to position and focus.

Easy Installation:
Use double-sided tape to attach battery picture light to any clean and smooth surface, such as ceiling, cabinet. Attention: This painting light is suitable for installation on the ceiling, not on the wall. The picture light body affects the delivery of light.

Battery Tip:
Use new batteries instead of mixing old and new batteries, as this will shorten the life of the new batteries. In addition, if the battery is not new, it may cause the spotlight to failure.

battery operated spotlight

Olafus Battery Operated Spotlights Indoor---3 Head Adjustable, Daylight White Lights

Perfect for Lighting Artwork

  • Olafus wireless spotlight indoor is bright enough to highlight some picture or your special artwork. You can install it under a kitchen cabinet, inside the closet, or mounted on the ceiling/wall.

Great Features

  • Dimmable Lights: The dimming can be controlled to 10%, 40%, 80% 100%, perfect wireless spotlight to create diferente ambiance.
  • Timer Setting: Use the remote you can switch them off in (15, 30, 60, and 120 minutes) ,is very helpful forpreserve battery life in the event one forget to turn it off.

Easy to Install

  • The wireless spotlight each powered by 3 AA batteries. Easy to install and change batteries. No wire needed, you can use 3M strong adhesive or screws (included) to attach these led accent lights to any clean and smooth surface, such as wall, ceiling, cabinet.







With Remote Controller

Rotation Angle

Flexible: Each light head can be rotated to the angle you need.

Switch Button

Press ON/OFF Switch on the light base, then the remote control will work.

Remote Control

The two pack comes with two remotes. The remote control works from up to 6m-8m.

Under-Cabinet Lights

Lasting Time

  • According to our actual test, the battery composition will have a significant impact on the length of time the product is used.
  • When using Alkaline battery: Lasts up to 24.15 hours at 100% brightness; 54.29 hours at 10% brightness; 5633 hours in standby mode
  • When using Carbon battery: Lasts up to 9.47 hours at 100% brightness; 14.43 hours at 10% brightness; 1260 hours in standby mode
  • Based on the above results, we recommend that you use alkaline batteries, which can reduce the number of battery replacements. 


  • If your light is off or dim, it means it's time to replace the battery.
  • When the battery is inserted, the battery light may not be activated. Just press the button on the light and the remote control will work.

Packing list

  • 2 * Wireless Spotlight
  • 2 * Remote Control
  • 4 * Strong adhesive
  • 2 * Screws
  • 1 * User Manual
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