Olafus Picture Lights makes your paintings as brilliant at night

Olafus Picture Lights makes your paintings as brilliant at night

In modern interior design, art paintings are no longer simply decorative furnishings, but the soul of the room. However, during the day, in the brilliant natural light, these works of art can blossom into infinite beauty, with every stroke and every color seemingly coming to life. But when night falls, as the light fades, these gorgeous paintings seem to be eclipsed by the night.

Have you ever wanted to give your home a different kind of artistic light at night? Discover Olafus' newest creation, Picture Lights, which not only illuminates the paintings, but also gives your artwork a magical glow at night. What is it about the design that makes paintings as striking as they are in the dark? Let us take you into the marvelous world of this artistic light.

Do you employ art paintings to dress up your home environment?

Art Painting for Home Decoration

Art Painting for Home Living Room Decoration

They're very visual in the daytime, but at night time...

Art Painting for Interior Decoration at Night Time

Art Painting for Interior Decoration at Night Time

They can be modern and bland without light. So...

Olafus picture lights brings a new dimension to the nighttime display of artwork with its outstanding design and superior functionality. It is not only a lighting device, but also a perfect combination between artwork and light, injecting artistic light into your interior space.

Advantages of Olafus Picture Lights

Olafus Picture Lights stands proudly in the field of artwork illumination. As a lighting device designed to enhance the experience of viewing paintings at night, it not only fulfills the need for light, but also gives a whole new life to the artwork.

A design feature: soft, even light that highlights the finest details of a painting

Unlike traditional hard light sources, it is illuminated as if warm sunlight is pouring onto the painting, allowing every detail to be revealed and making the texture and colors of the painting more vivid and distinct. This meticulous lighting not only makes the artwork itself more delicate, but also creates a cozy atmosphere for the whole interior.

Various dimmable modes: for different paintings and environments

Whether you are pursuing a romantic, cozy atmosphere or need a more professional lighting display, users can easily choose the right light brightness to create the perfect visual effect. This personalized light customization allows each painting to show its unique beauty under the best light and shadow.

Energy saving and environmentally friendly: durable and efficient with LED technology

LEDs not only have a long lifespan, but also consume less energy, making this lighting fixture contribute to environmental protection while providing a brilliant glow to the paintings. This green and efficient design not only meets modern concerns about sustainability, but also saves energy and effort for the user.

Olafus LED Battery Operated Picture Light

It is a unique and portable art lighting solution that provides soft and ample illumination for your precious paintings without the need to tangle with wires. Its sleek design and flexible installation make it ideal for interior decoration, while the use of LED technology and battery power provides the perfect solution for energy conservation and environmental protection.

By offering a dimmable mode, this wireless LED light gives you the freedom to control the light and darkness, creating a unique ambience for each painting and breathing more life into your artwork at night.

Olafus 2700K LED Accent Lights 4 Pack
Olafus 5000K LED Accent Lights 4 Pack
Olafus 4000K LED Accent Lights 4 Pack
Olafus 2 Heads 2700K LED Accent Lights 2 Pack
Olafus 3 Heads 2700K LED Accent Lights 2 Pack
Olafus 3 Heads 6500K LED Accent Lights

Olafus Wireless Picture Lights Show

wireless picture lights olafus

Olafus Wireless LED Pictures Lights for Living Room

Olafus Wireless LED Pictures Lights for Art Painting

Olafus Wireless LED Pictures Lights for Interior

Olafus LEDĀ Modern Rechargeable Picture Light

With the concept of style and convenience, the Olafus Rechargeable Modern Painting Light is the perfect choice for lighting your artwork. Its unique design not only provides even and soft illumination for your paintings, but also frees it from power constraints through rechargeable batteries, creating a more free and flexible decorative space for you.

Whether in a gallery, living room or bedroom, this modern painting lamp infuses your artwork with a brilliant nighttime glow with its efficient illumination and convenient rechargeability.

Olafus Wireless Rechargeable Picture Light - Front Button
Olafus Wireless Rechargeable Picture Light - Side Button

OlafusĀ Modern RechargeableĀ Picture Lights Show

Olafus rechargeable picture light for art painting

olafus rechargeable picture light for interior

olafus modern picture light for art

olafus modern picture light for living room

modern picture light for interior

FAQs of LEDĀ Picture Lights

What size picture light do i need?

Choosing the size of your painting light should be based on the size of your painting and your lighting needs. Generally, the width of a painting light should be one-half to one-third of the width of the painting to ensure that the lighting is even and not overdone. For example, if the painting is 36 inches wide, the width of the light could be between 18 and 12 inches. Additionally, consider the depth of the light to ensure that it casts light over the entire surface of the painting.

How high to hang picture light?

The height at which you hang your painting light depends on the size of the painting and the area you wish to illuminate. Generally, a painting light should be located 1/3 to 1/2 of the way up the painting. If your painting is large or you want to illuminate the entire painting, choose a higher hanging height. Make sure the light from your painting light covers the entire surface of the painting evenly to highlight details and colors.

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